Boosted Posts: A Total Waste of Your Money?

As a digital marketer, it’s something I see all the time: a page admin or business owner shares something, boosts a post it on Facebook, then waits for the money to roll in. But then it doesn’t…

Clayton, Founder of Purpose Digital

You’re probably guilty of this cardinal marketing sin.

Don’t worry — I am too. “Boosting” a post is one of the most joked about things in the agency and ads community… but why?

What a ‘boosted’ post actually is…

So let’s start at the beginning: what is a ‘boosted’ post? Facebook allows you to promote a post shared to your business page to be seen by more people. A button under every post, when logged into your page admin account, enables you to promote it.

Screenshot of Facebook's Boost Post button displayed below posts
The insights panel when logged in with admin access to a Facebook business page.

Clicking the “Boost Post” button brings up a range of options, including:

  • Your ‘goal’ (what you want the ad to do)
  • The option to add a Call To Action button
  • Basic audience and targeting options
  • Budget and schedule (how much $ you want to spend over how long).
Screenshot of Facebook's Boost Post Menu
The “Boost Post” options menu.

Why it might not be the best option for you…

Now you’re probably saying, “Send traffic to my website? Get more comments, likes and shares? Yes, please!”.

However, have you really thought about what you want from your digital ads? Is it a click that might’ve been by accident? A like or comment from someone who never turns into a customer?

If you want to turn strangers into customers, your ads need to work a lot harder than finding people who click.

Most of which, if we’re honest, may never convert into a paying client without proper nurturing.

‘Boosting’ posts gives limited functionality, limited targeting and goal options.

For example – did you know you can optimise for lead generation and capture details with forms inside the Facebook feed?

It also gives very limited info about behaviour, demographics, and the effectiveness of the advertisement.

This makes optimising and improving your ad or campaign near impossible.

When is ‘boosting’ a post appropriate?

While we advise against it for effective, profit-driving advertising, boosting posts can be an excellent strategy for maintaining top-of-mind awareness.

This allows you to stay relevant to your ideal audience in between fresh content and well-planned campaigns.

Share some behind-the-scenes snaps of your team (show your faces, please do not hide behind a wall of branding!).

Post and promote a news article or interview of you or your team.

Share something very localised to help gain credibility and build awareness as a real business in your market.

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