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Tasmania by Claudia

Previously struggled to sell a luxury product online, now enjoying explosive growth... All achieved during a global pandemic.

From $0 to $313,728.30 with Facebook Ads

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1. Getting started...


When we were put in touch with Freya from Claudia Jewellers by a mutual friend/colleague, I was absolutely stoked at the prospect of working with a Tasmanian business…

Especially one with such a refined product and premium brand that creates advocates out of every single one of their customers.

We started our now 9+ month (as of 09/2020) journey together the same as with any other client: we get together, and have a chat about the current challenges and ultimate goals of the business and see if we can help.

From the initial introduction, I could tell these guys had: 

  • beautiful, quality product
  • excellent service
  • leading expertise  

— they just didn’t know how to identify their customers and hadn’t found the right advertising partner yet.

2. Identifying our strategy

To kick off our working relationship together, we took a deep dive into the different customer personas of their Tasmanian Collection – a series of original pieces created in-house, sold up to this point under the Claudia Jewellers brand. 

Through this process, Freya and her team also reflected on their past experiences with other marketing agencies. The collection was available online through their website, but sold very little and struggled to gain any traction in their previous campaigns.

It was here that Purpose Digital determined segmenting the brand, due to its very different buyer personas from the main business’s, could be very beneficial.

From there we started with a basic Shopify store and took to building out this new brand — Tasmania by Claudia. This was the new brand and store used throughout our entire testing phase together.


3. The results!


Less than a year later, we’ve helped Freya and Claudia Jewellers establish their new brand and scale it to over $150,000 in revenue since April 2020 — coming from online sales of less than $6,000 in the previous 3 years before joining us at Purpose Digital.

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